Specialized Newborn Care (PCEP Book 4) 3rd Edition 2017

Time-saving, low-cost solutions for self-paced learning or instructor-led training!Developed for health care professionals who provide care to pregnant women and newborns, the Perinatal Continuing Education Program (PCEP) is a comprehensive, self-paced education program in four volumes. Completely updated and revised with leading-edge procedures and techniques, Book IV: Specialized Newborn Care, 3rd Edition features 6 units dealing with complex neonatal therapies, such as assisted ventilation, as well as a unit on continuing care for at-risk babies and those with specal problems following intensive care. PCEP is a proven educational tool for: Improving perinatal care know-how, policies, practices and proceduresEstablishing organization-wide care goals and routinesTeaching both practical skills and cognitive knowledgeSaving time and money — streamline the learning processReducing care risks through staff-wide consistency of knowledge and skills competencyEncouraging cooperation and …

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